AGM 2020

2020 Summit Health Annual General Meeting

GP Members have been invited to the  Summit Health AGM that will be held on 20 October.

Our COVID-19 experience has highlighted that our 25 year old Constitution is now out of date.  As a result, the Board has progressed a review of the current Summit Health Constitution with a view to producing a modern version that reflects contemporary structure and needs e.g. facilitation of on-line meetings.

Norman Waterhouse was asked to undertake the review with the intent to put a final draft to the membership at the AGM.

The draft Constitution remains largely the same in terms of membership and Board structure. Removal of the Substantial Undertaking provision is the main change with the balance just the modernisation of terminology and communication mechanisms that better support challenging environments such as COVID-19.

Explanatory documents:

Current Constitution with Areas for Change
Summary of Changes
Draft Constitution