Board of Directors

Summit Health’s Board is comprised of GP and non-GP members.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month.


Professor Keith Evans – Chair of Board

Member Since: October 2010

Dr Michal Wozniak

Member Since: November 2005

Dr Mark Crawford

Member Since: November 2011

Ms Sorana Dinmore

Member Since: August 2018

Ms Kate Ireland

Member Since: November 2018

Dr Claire Riebeling

Member Since: May 2019

Prof Nigel Stocks

Member Since: March 2020

Annual Reports

General Practice SA

GPSA was established 20 years ago as the peak body for the Divisions of General Practice network. Commonwealth funding of the network ceased following the creation of Medicare Locals (also de-funded).

In July 2018, agreement was reached to merge General Practice SA (GPSA) into Summit Health.

General Practice SA Annual Reports are below.

GPSA Annual Report 2013 – PDF 4mb

GPSA Annual Report 2014 – PDF 1mb

GPSA Annual Report 2015 – PDF 3mb

GPSA Annual Report 2016 – PDF 846kb

GPSA Annual Report 2017 – PDF 860kb