Colorectal SA now at Summit Health Centre

12 Jul 2017

Colorectal SA is now consulting at the Summit Health Centre

It is with great pleasure we welcome Mr Matthew Lawrence from Colorectal SA to the Summit Health Centre.

Matt provides his patients with a full specialist colorectal service including initial outpatient assessment and management, diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy, definitive surgical management and follow up.

Matt manages the full range of colorectal conditions from PR bleeding and other minor perianal ailments, to the diagnosis and surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease, as well as major open and laparoscopic colorectal cancer resections. For Adelaide Hills patients initial assessment, investigation (including colonoscopy), and ongoing follow-up can all be conducted locally; at the Summit Health Centre in Mt Barker or at the Stirling Hospital.

For selected patients and conditions definitive surgery can be performed at Mt Barker or Stirling Hospital. Where patient factors or the nature of the surgery dictate, patients will be offered their surgery at St Andrew’s Hospital or the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with follow up in Mt Barker or Stirling.