CONNECTcare Wellbeing Connections

CONNECTcare Wellbeing Connections

Offering a range of mental health and psychosocial support needs for the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu communities.

DBT Lite in Mt Barker (over 7 weeks)
– A 7 week program aimed to equip participants with the core DBT skills (Mindfulness, Distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness) to manage distress and dysregulation. Participants will be provided with a workbook for future reference, tools, and techniques for managing distress and being able to self-regulate when faced with challenging situations and emotions.

Chronic pain (over 7 weeks) – A trauma informed approach to Chronic Pain, using Emotional Freedom Techniques to manage distress and movement avoidance related to ongoing pain. This group connects those that experience chronic pain to others to reduce isolation and to focus on what participants can do despite their pain, rather than what they can no longer do.

Body Image and Eating Disorders (Over six 6 weeks) – Delivered by Eating Disorder Therapist, Di Cameron. The course material is tailored from The Body Project, and aims at challenging unrealistic beauty ideals perpetuated via social media, movies, and advertising. Weekly sessions allow participants to engage in exploration, reflection, and group discussion on disordered eating behaviours, myths and unhealthy practices aimed at cultivating the idealistic body shape.

Beneath the Surface (half day workshop) – Designed and facilitated by award winning playwright, Sally Hardy. In this completely non-clinical workshop, through simple creative techniques participants will discover how very much we have in common with the humans around us, once we scratch beneath the surface. Sally gently guides participants through a process of sharing their own thoughts and feelings safely and anonymously with the group. Regardless of how you identify – no matter your age, race, colour, shape, or how ‘weird’ you may think you are – this workshop will bring you a better understanding of yourself, and those around you.

Participants can self-refer or be referred. No GP Mental Health Plan required, and no charges apply. 

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