Patient Rights

Our patients have the right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • receive care that is respectful of their culture, beliefs and values
  • have their consent obtained before going ahead with treatment
Our patients:

  • have the right to join in decisions and choices about their healthcare.
  • children have the right to be consulted, participate and make decisions on their own behalf depending on their age.
  • are able to refuse healthcare and not explain the reason(s) for their choice.
Our patients:

  • have the right to receive information about their health care that they can understand
  • can request other medical opinions and referrals to other health services
  • have the right to an interpreter.
  • can give feedback or make a complaint and receive a response
Our patients have the right to access services that address their healthcare needs where we have the capacity to provide them. 
Our patients have the right to receive safe, high quality health services provided by qualified health professionals.
Patient Responsibilities
 Our patients can assist us to meet their healthcare needs by:

  • providing accurate, truthful and up to date information about their health or the health of a child
  • asking for health care information or an explanation if needed and asking for further clarification if this is not understood
  • following the instructions for treatment or informing us if they decide not to
  • accepting the consequences if treatment is refused
  • treating staff and other patients with courtesy, dignity, and respect

Please note: This is a mutually respectful environment, Police may be called if deemed necessary.