Constitution Change

Given the increasingly challenging environment impacting primary care, the Summit Health Board is actively engaged in identifying and actioning opportunities to advocate for General Practice as the keystone of the health care system. Our member and community-based advocacy is targeted to influence decision makers at a local, state and national level.

Summit Health remains committed to delivering wide-ranging events and services to our membership which have been well supported and attended confirming their importance as a valued component of ongoing professional development, and as a means of bringing together the primary care community workforce.

Over time it has become increasingly difficult to attract GP members willing to bring applicable skills and experience to serve as members of the Summit Health Board.  This no doubt reflects where GPs are required to focus their energies and the changing nature of the general practice workforce.  Unfortunately, this makes compliance with our Constitution very challenging – indeed we have not had any unsolicited GP nominations to the Board for a number of years.

The Board of Summit Health recognises the challenge of ensuring the right skills mix and balance on the Board, and is committed to addressing this issue. With this outcome in mind, we are proposing to amend the Constitution to provide a mechanism to both identify and appoint suitably skilled Directors. We are not looking to change the objects of the organisation which will remain unchanged and focussed on supporting general practice, rather it will empower the Board with a more flexible approach to Director recruitment.

At our AGM in November, we will invite the membership to consider and approve 1 of 2 options – these are attached in the form of revised Constitutions with the changes highlighted. You, the members, will be invited to adopt one of them, failing which the status quo will apply. Relevant papers will be sent out nearer the date however we felt it important to bring this information to you at the earliest opportunity and to invite discussion ahead of the AGM.

Constitution – Option 1

Constitution – Option 2

If there are questions on any of this then please direct them to the CEO in the first instance:

08 8406 7722, 0448 869 963 or

On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your consideration and look forward to meeting you in November.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Keith Evans