Disability Support Pension Applications

04 Feb 2014

Please note the following information regarding patient mental health diagnosis for Disability Support Pension through Centrelink.

The diagnosis of the condition must be made by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. This includes a general practitioner or a psychiatrist. Where the appropriately qualified medical practitioner is not a psychiatrist, the diagnosis must be made by a general practitioner with evidence from a clinical psychologist.

Supporting evidence for the DSP claim can include professional or clinical reports but can also include advice from the general practitioner that the person has been seen by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist who made or confirmed the diagnosis or provided evidence in support of the diagnosis. This advice can be either in writing in the medical report or other document, or verbally to the assessor. Verbal confirmation must be documented and added to the person’s Medical Information File.

A clinical psychologist is taken to be a psychologist registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority with an area of practice endorsed as clinical psychology by the Psychology Board of Australia.

Further information is available on the  Centrelink website.

Clinical Psychologists can be found using the Australian Psychological Society website.