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GPcare General Practice Services

We provide coordinated health care in a welcoming environment and consult alongside a large number of other health professionals in the Summit Health Centre.

Chronic Disease
GPcare has a Care Planning Nurse who specialises in supporting people with long term health conditions such as; diabetes, neurological disorders, heart, lung, kidney conditions or chronic pain.

Our Care Planning Nurse is available to provide individualised support and care planning including referral to other supportive services.

Assessments are available for people aged 75 years and over to look at anything that may affect your health and wellbeing as you get older. The nurse will also be able to help you understand what services and support are available and if necessary arrange this on your behalf.

If you are aged between 45 and 49 you may be eligible for a free health check to see if you are at risk of developing a long term health condition.

People from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage are eligible for a health check at any stage of life to see if you are at risk of developing a long term health condition.

 Vaccinating your children is vitally important for their health and development, as well as the health of the wider community. Vaccines train your baby’s immune system to clear out bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness, and keep them healthy.

GPcare also provide an immunisation catch up service for children that may have missed immunisation, as well as adult immunisation and advice.

Your family will be in good hands with our GPs and highly trained nursing staff. 

Medical Specialists & Allied Health
Our General Practice is co-located at the Summit Health Centre with a wide range of specialist and allied health services. This multidisciplinary environment enables us to assist patients to access the medical, nursing and allied health services they require in one location – locally.

For more information on services available visit the Summit Health Centre page. 

Men's Health
 In the past men’s health has often been neglected, mainly due to some men not feeling comfortable going to a medical practitioner.

GPcare encourage men to routinely see their GP to discuss all aspects of their health. A GP consultation can provide the opportunity to discuss medical and other sensitive issues such as work, relationships, stress, sexual function and prostate issues. We provide comprehensive advice and support for men to address the prevention and management of various health conditions. This may include assessments for:

  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Bowel Screening for Colon Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Prostate Related Problems
  • Sexual Function
  • STD Screening
  • Sports Injuries
  • Mental Health Assessments

We encourage all men to come and visit one of our medical practitioners and develop a long term medical relationship.

Mental Health
 Our doctors and nurses are skilled in managing a range of mental health issues. We work with local mental health clinicians and can assist you to access services via the Medicare Better Access scheme or fee free services via the Summit Health CONNECTcare services for eligible individuals.

If you would like to discuss a referral to a mental health clinician, or a Mental Health Treatment Plan, please book a “long consultation”. 

Respiratory Health
 Respiratory illness can be debilitating and can affect your quality of life.

You may suffer from altered respiratory function, this can present itself in many ways; you may be a diagnosed asthmatic and are in need of a revised asthma management plan, perhaps you have never been diagnosed with asthma, but find yourself short of breath, depending on the time of year, or your activity?

Your significant other may have told you that you snore, or you wake up feeling tired and not rested?

Perhaps your chronic airways disease is poorly managed? Or you just want to quit smoking.

GPcare offers many services to assist you, including:

  • Spirometry
  • Peak Flow Meters
  • Nebulised Medications
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Asthma Management Plans, with nursing support and education
  • Medications to manage the acutely unwell airways, including intravenous medications.

Whatever the issue, our medical officers will pay particular interest in your respiratory illness and are happy to discuss your symptoms and ongoing care with you, to enable a healthy, active, wheeze and cough free life. 

Seniors Health
 As the inevitable aging process occurs, we not only get additional lines on our face but we also age internally, including our bones and organs. This means we need to take a more intensive approach to ensure we age well, keeping our health and independence at an optimum level, and avoiding admissions to hospital.

Your GP will discuss all aspects of you, or your loved ones care, including medication management, cardiac health, diabetes, bone health, mobility – and if the need arises, supported care management.

Skin Assessment & Wound Care
 Did you know the skin is the body’s largest organ?

Our skin is just as important as any of our other organs, and we need to look after it. Aussies love the outdoors, but the Australian sun can take a toll on our skin. What might seem like an insignificant spot, mark or something itchy, could in fact be something a little more sinister.

A simple skin check can rule this out, from the age of 40 it is recommended that we have a skin check annually.

Our skin can break down due to various issues, like injury or chronic disease or a combination of the two. It is vital that wounds are managed early to ensure they heal quickly and with minimal impact on your life.

The GPcare team can offer you

  • skin checks with a dermatoscope
  • excisions
  • complex wound care with a doctor and highly skilled nursing staff
  • suturing
  • cryotherapy

Book an appointment today with one of our GPs and see how we can help you. 

Sports Injuries
 Aussies love their sport, and we in the Adelaide Hills are no exception. Your sport of choice may be a contact or non-contact sport, but as we all know taking part in any sport can lead to injury.

Sports injuries present in various ways. You may sustain a soft tissue injury (muscles, tendons and ligaments), an orthopaedic injury (bones) or a head injury (concussion). To ensure a full recovery your injury should be managed by a doctor in a timely manner.

Our GPs can assist you with referrals to medical imaging, physiotherapy, dietitian or an orthopaedic surgeon, they can plaster your fracture or guide you with advice on pain relief and rest.

Be it a broken bone, twisted ankle or something more serious, our GPs are just as keen to get you back on the playing field as you are.

Women's Health
Women’s health is a specialised area and encompasses a broad range of matters that need supportive medical care and investigation, but also sensitivity and understanding.

GPcare will provide bone density management, sexual and reproductive health, including contraception, sexually transmitted infection screening, management and education, breast care, cervical screening, continence and other gynaecological conditions.

We have several female medical practitioners who take a particular interest in women’s health issues, we also offer cervical screening tests and STI screening.

This site may help you discover information that you may wish to discuss with your medical professional. https://www.shinesa.org.au/

We would love to assist you in any way we can.