Respiratory Health

Respiratory illness can be debilitating and can certainly affect your quality of life. You may suffer from altered respiratory function, this can present itself in many ways; you may be a diagnosed asthmatic and are in need of a revised asthma management plan, perhaps you have never been diagnosed with asthma, but find yourself short of breath, depending on the time of year, or your activity? Your significant other may have told you that you snore, or you wake up feeling tired and not rested? Perhaps your chronic airways disease is poorly managed? Or you just want to quit smoking.

Here at GPcare we offer multiple services to enable our medical officers to assist you, these include:
• Spirometry
• Peak Flow meters
• Nebulised Medications
• Oxygen therapy
• Asthma Management plans, with nursing support and education
• Medications to manage the acutely unwell airways, including intravenous medications.

Whatever the issue, our medical officers pay particular interest in respiratory illness and would be happy to discuss your symptoms and ongoing care with you, to enable a healthy, active, wheeze and cough free life.