Skin Assessment and Wound Care

Did you know our skin is the bodies’ largest organ?

Our skin is just as important as any of our other organs, and we need to look after it. Aussies love the outdoors, but the Australian sun can take a toll on our skin. What might seem like an insignificant spot, mark or something itchy, could in fact be something a little more sinister. A simple skin check can rule this out, from the age of 40 it is recommended that we have a skin check annually.

Our skin can break down due to various issues, like injury or chronic disease or a combination of the two. It is vital that wounds are managed early to ensure they heal quickly and with minimal fuss and impact on your life.

The GPcare team can offer you

  • skin checks with a dermatoscope
  • excisions
  • complex wound care with the doctor and highly skilled nursing staff
  • suturing
  • cryotherapy

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