Sports Injuries

Aussies love their sport, and we in the Adelaide Hills are no exception. Your sport of choice may be a contact or non-contact sport, but as we all know taking part in any sport can lead to injury.

Sports injuries present in various ways. You may sustain a soft tissue injury (muscles, tendons and ligaments), an orthopaedic injury (bones) or a head injury (concussion).

To ensure a full recovery your injury should be managed by a doctor in a timely fashion.

Dr Graham Hughes is with you all the way. He loves sport, especially footy, and would love to help you on the road to recovery. Dr Hughes can assist you with referrals to medical imaging, physiotherapy, dietitian or an orthopaedic surgeon, he can plaster your fracture or guide you with advice on pain relief and rest.

Be it a broken bone, twisted ankle or something more serious, Dr Hughes is just as keen to get you back on the playing field as you are.