GPs Accessing their patients’ eHealth record (PCEHR)

15 Jul 2013

GPs around the Hills are successfully uploading Health Summaries into their patients’ eHealth record (PCEHR) and discovering just how simple the process is.

It’s one thing to watch someone demonstrating how simple it is.  It is another thing to genuinely discover for yourself how simple it really is.

Greg Holden is available to assist any Hills GPs who would like to provide this service to their patients.  There are two prerequisites to getting started:

  • Your practice needs to be registered to access the PCEHR and has installed the necessary NASH PKI keys.  Most practices have, but you should confirm the status with your Practice Manager; and
  • As the first step Greg recommends GPs use their own PCEHR and upload their own Health Summary record from their clinical record in their practice’s clinical system.

Once you have done it using your own record:

  1.  You will have confirmed that your practice’s system is setup correctly to allow access to the PCEHR;
  2. You will be proficient with the process to allow you to do it for patients when they request it; and
  3. You will be able to assist your practice colleagues in becoming proficient.

If you don’t already have your own PCEHR you can register for one by clicking here.

If you would like to avail yourself of Greg’s assistance contact him at the Summit Health office on 8406 7726.

Access to the PCEHR is currently only available via NEHTA certified clinical systems, typically the commonly used GP clinical systems such as Medical Director, Best Practice, Zedmed, etc.