Registry Select

Registry Select communications

Registry Select provides health-related information from credible health services and organisations to healthcare professionals.

Registry Select offers consent-based communication about clinical and other relevant non-marketing information to health professionals.

What sort of information is distributed through Registry Select Direct Email?

  • Availability/timing of health services and changes to services
  • Clinical information for specified conditions/diseases
  • Targeted education and training opportunities
  • Research updates

Communication via Registry Select Direct Email will always be:

  • non-marketing related information
  • screened using criteria based on the current privacy and spamming requirements
  • from credible health sector organisations
  • assessed by a GP peer

Your personal information is never shared with third parties, and organisations who communicate through Registry Select Direct Email cannot access health professionals’ contact details.

Do you want to receive Registry Select communications?

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Are you an organisation wishing to communicate with health professionals?

Paid email campaigns are available to appropriate organisations who like to communicate their latest information to health professionals.

Registry Select also offers customised two-way communication services, allowing us to source feedback and responses directly from health professionals that can be collated, analysed and evaluated to help inform your organisation.

Each release requires approval by our Senior GP Clinical Adviser to ensure the information complies with health industry standards, and our team will provide feedback on your submission and a proof before release.

Campaign Communication Criteria

The following criteria have been developed in consultation with database participants, and form the basis of their willingness to participate in targeted communication campaigns. All campaigns are required to meet these guidelines.

About the information:

All of the following must be true:

  • The information is not a newsletter (although it might contain a link to a newsletter)
  • The information is not commercial in nature, i.e. not selling a product or service
  • The information complies with any relevant legal obligations with respect to intellectual property, copyright or trademarks

At least one of the following must apply to the information being communicated:

  • The information is of a clinical nature
  • The information is about health services
  • The information is about funding for health programs and/or services
  • The information is about clinical education or training
  • The information is about independent health research or research findings (non-pharmaceutical)

About the organisation:

The information is coming from a credible health or health-related organisation with at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Provides funding and/or support for healthcare services or health care providers
  • Promotes health and well-being or health services directly to patients
  • Provides health-related support services directly to patients
  • Provides health policy advice to relevant government organisations
  • Promotes chronic disease management

Interested in running a campaign?

To discuss your email campaign and how we can help you reach your target audiences, contact us or download the PDF for further information