Hearing Life now at Summit Health Centre

09 May 2017

We welcome, David Cornish from Hearing Life to the Summit Health Centre.

David Cornish is a clinical audiologist who has worked for Hearing Life in the Adelaide Hills since 2015. David completed his Master of Audiology at Flinders University.

Prior to audiology, David taught English as a second language and academic skills in East Asia and at Flinders University. David became an audiologist after writing an article for Policy magazine on the impact of ear disease in young indigenous children. David is passionate about improving hearing because he believes hearing plays an important role in communication, relationships and self-identity.

David is able to offer consultations at his Summit Health Clinic to patients requiring auditory assessment and rehabilitation. David’s main areas of interest include older adults (over 55 years), adults that have worked in industrial noise, tinnitus sufferers and people with a history of middle ear problems or head trauma.