Hills Radio Program

Due to the closure of Hills Radio at the end of 2021, Summit Health’s “Healthy Hills” program has been discontinued until further notice.

Summit Health’s “Healthy Hills” radio program featured Health Professionals exploring wellness and how to stay healthy. To listen to previous podcasts, use the links below. 


October 2021 Bruce Stocks joins Hills Radio’s Chris Carpenter this month to discuss some of the struggles and changes we have all faced recently. This Mental Health Month, Bruce talks more about how change can negatively and positively affect one’s mental health, how to cope with change and what services are available to those in need of support. Listen to this month’s broadcast here!

September 2021 Dr Emma Manifold returns to the radio to speak about the COVID-19 vaccines, the reasons to roll up our sleeves and get the jab and what is available in the Adelaide Hills. She also talks about vaccine risks and side effects, how to find your nearest vaccination hub and what people can do to protect our community and those who are more vulnerable. Listen to the September 2021 broadcast here.

June 2021 We welcomed to our Healthy Hills radio interview Lia Parsons, who is a sole practitioner of Zest Creative: Living Life and co-founder of Miller’s Corner a social and intergeneration cohousing community under development in the heart of Mount Barker. Zest Creative – focuses on, promotes, and optimises the health, wellbeing and independence of people 65 and older.  Lia shared with listeners information about her conversation series: ‘Ageing Well in your Community’ with Zest Creative that places the older person at the centre of their own care.  Supporting older people to engage in conversation, giving responsibility and a voice in bringing about change. Some of the ‘conversation’ topics include; Home, belonging, and community explores our sense of place, our home, the realities of ageing and ageism raise awareness of our physical, psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing, money matters, care options and more. Lia encourages listeners to attend the Positive Ageing Forum on 15th July and that there will be an expression of interest in a future conversation series. Listen to the June 2021 broadcast {40mb}.

May 2021 This month Gareth Williams from the Legal Services Commission spoke about Bushfire Legal Assistance.  Free legal advice is available to individuals, small businesses and primary producers in bushfire affected areas of South Australia. Gareth spoke about what help is available, and what people should check in their insurance policies and how to prepare for the next bushfire season.

And also in May, we heard from Cancer Council SA. They joined the program to provide advice about the resources that the Council provide for those who are affected by cancer, and what support is available for them. We also heard about Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and what has been organised for the area this year.

April 2021 Dr Graham Hughes, a GP with over 30 years’ experience was our guest this month. He spoke about and answered questions on the COVID-19 Vaccination Program; how the vaccine protects individuals and the community,  which phase you could expect to receive your vaccine in, plus side-effects and what to do. He covered where to find out information on your eligibility and how to find clinics in your area that are delivering the vaccine.

March 2021 Dr Corinne Maiolo was our guest. Dr Corinne is a Dermatologist, she spoke about the common problems she encounters, such as inflamed skin, dry skin patches, skin cancers, skin growths and nail infections, varicose and spider veins and age spots. She also explores the topics of warts and plantar warts and rosacea. You can listen to the broadcast here.

September 2020  Just in time for Father’s Day, Neil Underwood from Summit Health Mental Health Services joined the program to talk all things Fatherhood. He talked about the most important thing that a child needs, and then explored the two broad needs that children have and how fathers support those needs. You can listen to the program here.

Also in September, SA Heart’s Professor William Heddle spoke about Stroke. He explained why time is critical if a person is having a stroke, and how it affects a person. Prof Heddle also talked about Arrhythmia – which is an abnormal heart beat, what causes it and what the symptoms are.

August 2020  Catherine from the Legal Services Commission provided insight on the type of legal advice people are able to access from the Commission. The service is funded by State and Federal Governments and provides advice on Wills, Advance Care Directives, traffic matters and motor vehicle accidents, employment problems or neighbour disputes. You can find out more about the service by listening to the program.

Our program in early August saw Pharmacist Maurice Veronese from Chemmart chat about face masks and accessing medications.

August 2020 Mental Health Program Summit Health Mental Health Services is a guest once a month on a Friday afternoon. In August our Unit Manager, Bruce Stocks, joined the program to talk about RUOK/ Day that is held on Thursday 10 September. He spoke about the challenges presented by 2020, and how it’s even more important for people to stay connected, and be willing to support those around us. You can listen to the program here.

July 2020 Want to know more about managing your diabetes? Dr David Mills talks about how diabetes is a self-driven disease. What does this mean? Listen here to find out more.

Continuing on with our diabetes topic in July, listen to Dr Jessica Gehlert, who spoke about diabetes on July 16. Dr Jessica talked about other medical professionals who can help you take more control of your diabetes and how treatments for diabetes have changed over the years.

June 2020 Listen in to Dr Melanie Johnson, a Hills Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who talked about whether COVID-19 presents an increased risk to pregnant women. Plus she highlighted symptoms to be on the look out for and how hospitals are providing extra safeguards for those giving birth at this time.

June also saw Summit Health Mental Health Service Manager, Bruce Stocks chat about Mental Health and COVID-19, and worries that people may help. He spoke about the support that is available to the community if they would like to access help.

May 2020: Dr Cassie Gibbs updates us on how you can still see your doctor, and the measures in place to safeguard your health and the health of our medical staff. Plus how important it is to still see your doctor to ensure you don’t neglect your health and receive the best health outcomes possible.

April 2020: Dr Emma Manifold returns to the radio to speak more about COVID-19 and what is available in the Adelaide Hills. She also talks about what people can do to slow the spread, the best times to wash your hands and who meets the criteria for being tested and why the criteria is set. Listen here

March 2020: This program was broadcast in late March when Summit Health Medical Director, Dr Emma Manifold, provided current information on the COVID-19 virus for the community.

March 2020: This month saw Hand and Upper Limb Therapist, Helen Burfield, on radio. Helen had some good advice for those people who spend a long time sitting down. She also spoke about why hand injuries hurt so much, advice for gardeners who are experiencing hand and wrist pain and how to manage arthritis in your hands. Helen had some great advice and hints for those people who struggle with gout. Plus she also covered the condition known as Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow, explaining what it is, what the symptoms are and what causes the condition. If you  would like to listen to Helen’s interview it is available here.

February 2020: Dr Corinne Maiolo, a Dermatologist who consults from the Summit Health Centre, was our guest. You can listen to her segment  here, and find out about skin damage, what lifestyle factors contribute to ageing, and how skin changes over the years. Plus she explores the common skin problem: acne, how it can be treated, when to see your doctor for help, and how a Dermatologist is able to treat the condition.

December 2019: Dr Mark Crawford, a local GP who established the Piccadilly Surgery 30 years ago joined the program in December and spoke on ‘Healthy living as we age’. He covered preventative care, and how GPs can help people prevent health problems, not only as they age, but in day to day living. Dr Crawford also spoke about how GPs focus on working collaboratively with people, and are a part of an individual’s health care team. Listen here to find out simple things you can do to improve your daily life.

November 2019: This month our program featured Hannah Sharp from Optimal Ageing in the Hills. Hannah talked about the different packages that are available to help older Australians stay at home and have a better quality of life while living at home. The Home Care Packages are for those aged 65 and older, although younger people can access them if they need help and can’t get help from the NDIS. It’s an interesting subject, and one that will be gaining momentum as our population ages.  Listen here.

October 2019: Cardiologist Dr Alistair Begg spoke about heart health this month. He covered the obvious and not so obvious symptoms of a heart attack, and why men and women experience different symptoms. Dr Begg also explained why many women have high blood pressure and congestive heart failure as they get older, and why women are more likely to die of a cardiac event than breast cancer. You can listen to the program here.

September 2019: September is Prostate Awareness Month and Sue Tulloch from Community Health joined us to talk about how exercise can help men who have or had prostate cancer. The latest scientific research recognises that exercise provides huge benefits, not only for cancer prevention, but also for those who are undergoing cancer treatment, or recovering from treatment. Sue runs a prostate cancer exercise group and also a support group that meet once a month. Listen in to find out where to join the groups.

August 2019:  Do you know the difference between a General Practitioner and a General Physician. Listen to our latest program where Dr Richard Newman, a General Physician, explains the difference, and how he cares for patients with complex medical problems.

June 2019: June’s focus was about obesity. Our guest was GP Dr Zanna Murfitt who leads a weight management clinic that provides options for weight loss and weight maintenance. Dr Zanna spoke about the impact that being overweight can have on a person’s health. Her practice knows that this is a complex problem and understands that a person’s weight fluctuates over time, that events in a person’s life can have a significant impact on our weight. To hear her chat, you can listen here.

May 2019: Food allergy and food intolerance, do you know what the difference is? Did you know there was a difference? Dr Adriana Le spoke on Hills Radio about allergies, and the current research being done to help those who have peanut allergies. You can listen to her broadcast on this important subject here, and find quality information about allergies at this website: allergy.org.au.

April 2019: Falls can happen to anyone, but as you grow older, a fall can lead to more serious injuries, even a stay in hospital. A program that aims to give people skills to reduce falls injuries and help prevent falls was discussed by Ruth, a physiotherapist from Country Health Connect, and Mal who took the course and gained great benefit from it. The phone numbers mentioned in the program are: My Aged Care – 1800 200 422 and Country Health Connect – 8393 1833. Listen here.

March 2019: Dr Cassie Gibbs updated us on the National Immunisation Program Schedule, and what vaccinations are available for people. Early childhood schedule changes have been made, including the new addition – Meningococcal vaccine. Listen here

February 2019: Dr Justin Alexander specialises in the surgery, treatment and recovery of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions. He explains why your shoulder may hurt at night, and why a person may consider shoulder replacement surgery. Listen here

January 2019: Exercise Scientist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Stephen Batemen, spoke about working with individuals who have conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis and how physical activity can improve and help manage these conditions. Listen here

December 2018:  Dr Emma Manifold explores the topic of child and adolescent mental health problems and how GPs can help. Listen here

November 2018: Dr Boris Eskandari talks about skin health, sun exposure and answers commonly asked questions. Listen here

October 2018: Dr Andrew Kiu & Karen Woodcock discuss breast cancer and the importance of free breast screens. Listen here

September 2018: Assoc Prof Martin Jones & Janet Devlin discuss depression and anxiety. Listen here.

August 2018: Dr Heather Waterfall talks pregnancy and fertility.  Listen here

July 2018: Dr David Mills discusses weight and diabetes management.  Listen here

June 2018: Tim Bass of myPhysioSA discusses low back pain and how to treat it.  Listen here

May 2018: Dr Graham Wright talks about managing chronic pain and the problem with opioid medications. Listen here

April 2018: Dr David Mills and Dr Marianne Gillam answer Immunisation questions. Listen here

March 2018: Dr Skye Curlis discusses Women’s Health issues. Listen here

February 2018: Summit Health CEO, Kevin Wisdom-Hill, talks about the Summit Health Centre the healthy hills radio segment.  Listen here