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Tune in at 9.30am on the first Thursday of the month for “Healthy Hills” featuring Health Professionals exploring wellness and staying healthy. 


September 2019: September is Prostate Awareness Month and Sue Tulloch from Community Health joined us to talk about how exercise can help men who have or had prostate cancer. The latest scientific research recognises that exercise provides huge benefits, not only for cancer prevention, but also for those who are undergoing cancer treatment, or recovering from treatment. Sue runs a prostate cancer exercise group and also a support group that meet once a month. Listen in to find out where to join the groups.

August 2019:  Do you know the difference between a General Practitioner and a General Physician. Listen to our latest program where Dr Richard Newman, a General Physician, explains the difference, and how he cares for patients with complex medical problems.

July 2019: This month, we had Urologist Assoc/Prof Nick Brook and haematologist Assoc/Prof Ian Lewis in the studio. They explored the topic of the urinary system, in particular the male one and the male reproductive system. Plus Ian spoke about his work with blood cancers and blood disorders like anaemia and blood clots.   Listen here.

June 2019: June’s focus was about obesity. Our guest was GP Dr Zanna Murfitt who leads a weight management clinic that provides options for weight loss and weight maintenance. Dr Zanna spoke about the impact that being overweight can have on a person’s health. Her practice knows that this is a complex problem and understands that a person’s weight fluctuates over time, that events in a person’s life can have a significant impact on our weight. To hear her chat, you can listen here.

May 2019: Food allergy and food intolerance, do you know what the difference is? Did you know there was a difference? Dr Adriana Le spoke on Hills Radio about allergies, and the current research being done to help those who have peanut allergies. You can listen to her broadcast on this important subject here, and find quality information about allergies at this website: allergy.org.au.

April 2019: Falls can happen to anyone, but as you grow older, a fall can lead to more serious injuries, even a stay in hospital. A program that aims to give people skills to reduce falls injuries and help prevent falls was discussed by Ruth, a physiotherapist from Country Health Connect, and Mal who took the course and gained great benefit from it. The phone numbers mentioned in the program are: My Aged Care – 1800 200 422 and Country Health Connect – 8393 1833. Listen here.

March 2019: Dr Cassie Gibbs updated us on the National Immunisation Program Schedule, and what vaccinations are available for people. Early childhood schedule changes have been made, including the new addition – Meningococcal vaccine. Listen here

February 2019: Dr Justin Alexander specialises in the surgery, treatment and recovery of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions. He explains why your shoulder may hurt at night, and why a person may consider shoulder replacement surgery. Listen here

January 2019: Exercise Scientist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Stephen Batemen, spoke about working with individuals who have conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis and how physical activity can improve and help manage these conditions. Listen here

December 2018:  Dr Emma Manifold explores the topic of child and adolescent mental health problems and how GPs can help. Listen here

November 2018: Dr Boris Eskandari talks about skin health, sun exposure and answers commonly asked questions. Listen here

October 2018: Dr Andrew Kiu & Karen Woodcock discuss breast cancer and the importance of free breast screens. Listen here

September 2018: Assoc Prof Martin Jones & Janet Devlin discuss depression and anxiety. Listen here.

August 2018: Dr Heather Waterfall talks pregnancy and fertility.  Listen here

July 2018: Dr David Mills discusses weight and diabetes management.  Listen here

June 2018: Tim Bass of myPhysioSA discusses low back pain and how to treat it.  Listen here

May 2018: Dr Graham Wright talks about managing chronic pain and the problem with opioid medications. Listen here

April 2018: Dr David Mills and Dr Marianne Gillam answer Immunisation questions. Listen here

March 2018: Dr Skye Curlis discusses Women’s Health issues. Listen here

February 2018: Summit Health CEO, Kevin Wisdom-Hill, talks about the Summit Health Centre the healthy hills radio segment.  Listen here