Mental Health Update – Shared Care

19 Aug 2013

Summit Health is pleased to announce that we have received a contract via GPSA and the State Government to continue to provide Mental Health Shared Care for a further 12 months until June 30th 2014.  This program offers short term (3 months) intensive intervention to patients with chronic, complex and co morbid mental and physical health conditions.

There will be an increased emphasis on the collection of mandatory physical health data for this program.  The current process is that GPs receive the request for physical data with the summary that the clinician returns to the referring GP after the initial assessment with the patient.  The GP is asked to complete the required information and fax back to Summit Health.

There have been a number of barriers to this data being collected and returned.  These have included the patient either not being able to get a timely appointment with their GP, or neglecting to make a long appointment time for the completion of the information by their GP or the gap payment required.  In an attempt to improve the collection of this information at the initial assessment appointment the patent will be given a copy of the physical health data required and requested to make a long appointment with their GP as soon as possible.

As an alternative to charging a gap for a long consultation the following item number could be considered:

  • GP Mental Health Treatment Consultation Item (MBS item 2713)

When can I use the GP Mental Health Treatment Consultation item 2713 ?

The GP Mental Health Treatment Consultation item applies to surgery consultations which are of at least 20 minutes duration and where the primary treating problem is related to a mental disorder.  This item is for the ongoing management of patients with a mental disorder, including patients being managed under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. However, it can be used whether or not a patient has a Mental Health Treatment Plan.  This item should not be used for the patient assessment or preparation of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

There are no restrictions on how often this item can be used  –  Fee: $70.30, Benefit: 100% = $70.30.

For further information on any of the Summit Health mental health programs or to arrange a practice visit please contact us on 8406 7715.