New NHMRC Dietary Guidelines

21 May 2013

Focus on physical activity for preventing weight gain or losing weight.

60% of Australian adults are now overweight or obese. If current trends continue in Australia, it is estimated that by 2025, 83% of men and 75% of women aged over 20 years will be overweight or obese.

Previously, it was thought that if energy intake was controlled, 30 minutes of moderate intensity daily physical activity would be sufficient to prevent weight gain in adults, providing sitting time was less than 4.5 hours/day.

However, in the current environment of abundant availability, promotion and consumption of energy-dense food, it is now internationally recommended that 45–60 minutes of moderate intensity daily physical activity is the minimum required for the general population to prevent the transition to overweight and obesity without reduction in current energy intake.

At least 60–90 minutes of moderate intensity activity or lesser amounts of vigorous activity may be required to prevent weight regain in formerly obese people.

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Source: Australian Dietary Guidelines – providing the scientific evidence for healthier Australian diets (2013), National Health and Medical Research Council