Adelaide Hills Community Health Services

Phone: 8393 1833
Fax: 8393 1800

A wide range of community members can be seen by our Community Health staff. There may be a fee for some services.

Better Care In The Community (BCC)

BCC encompasses a range of services and programs that aim to support those living with chronic conditions such as Cardiovascular and Pulmonary/Respiratory conditions.

[sta_anchor id=”Cardiac-Rehabilitation”]Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Healthy Heart Program is a group program designed for people who are recovering from a recent event such as a heart attack, heart surgery, angina, angioplasty, stent or have risk factors for developing heart disease.

A Cardiac Nurse provides individual assessments and ensures that the rehab programs are tailored to assist in achieving an active, healthy and productive lifestyle.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an exercise and education program for people with chronic respiratory conditions. It can make physical activity in daily life easier, increase enjoyment of life, help with control of breathlessness and give emotional control over your condition.

Start-Up Exercise Program

This 6 month exercise program is designed for people who have completed either the Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehab program. Each week participants have the opportunity to participate in a 1-hour supervised exercise program designed to improve fitness and provide links to local ongoing exercise groups.

Continence Clinic

The Continence Nurse Advisor provides a clinical service to community based elderly people with bladder and/or bowel dysfunctions. Services involve assessment, management, education and support which includes provision of information about the continence condition, continence products and funding schemes available to support product purchase.

[sta_anchor id=”Diabetes-Services”]Diabetes Services

A service provided for people with Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes who are either newly diagnosed or in need of an update. The local Diabetes Team includes a Diabetes Nurse Educator, a Dietitian and Podiatrist. No GP referral is required (although often desirable) however appointments are necessary.

[sta_anchor id=”Dietitian”]Dietetics/Nutrition

Dietitians assess the nutritional needs of clients and provide education to clients and their families on a range of medically-related nutrition issues. Examples of nutrition-related issues include malnutrition/loss of appetite, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders, tube feeding support, chronic liver and kidney disease. All age groups.

A doctor’s referral is not required (although often desirable) and an appointment needs to be scheduled.


Enuresis is a condition where a child beyond the age of 7 repeatedly urinates in bed or wets their pants. This is involuntary and is not caused by a medical condition. Encopresis is the name given where soiling or a semi-formed faeces is found in the underwear on a regular basis in children over the age of four years.

[sta_anchor id=”GeriatricianClinic”]Geriatrician Clinic

The Geriatrician can  provide comprehensive assessment of memory loss or dementia. They can also assist with falls and fracture prevention, depression in older life, polypharmacy or in circumstances where an older person is finding it difficult to continue to live safely in their own home. Consultation may be at the Summit Health Centre or through a home visit if indicated by prior arrangement. To access the service, a  GP referral is required.  This can be faxed to the Adelaide Hills Community Health Service, fax number 08 8393 1800, phone 08 8393 1833.

There will be no charge to clients for this service.

The Adelaide Hills Community Health Service coordinates the Geriatrician Clinic, managing the referrals and appointments.

[sta_anchor id=”Physiotherapy”]Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services aim to assist people in achieving their highest possible function in order to maintain their independence within the community.

Services offered include:  Home mobility and exercise maintenance programs, various exercise and rehab program for specific conditions. Eligibility criteria may apply.

[sta_anchor id=”Podiatry”]Podiatry

Podiatrists diagnose and treat pathological foot and lower limb disorders.

Podiatrists see people with foot complications who have Neurological Disorders (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Motor Neurone Disease), Vascular Impairment, Deforming Rheumatoid Arthritis, prescribed blood thinning medication, at risk of foot or leg complications, Ulcers or previous amputation. The podiatrists do not see clients for regular routine nail care.

[sta_anchor id=”Social-Work”]Social Work

Social Workers are skilled in dealing with many types of difficulty which may be quite diverse, and relate to the following matters:-

  • Communication, assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Relationships and parenting
  • Loss and Grief
  • Abuse and Experience of Violence
  • Social Isolation and Dependency

[sta_anchor id=”Wound-Clinic”]Wound Clinic

The clinic provides a service to assist with timely discharge from hospital and allow a person to have their wound/s managed in an outpatient clinic using current best practice wound management techniques.



For further information about any eligibility criteria and/or to register your details for an appointment for any of the services below, please phone our Intake Officer below.