Hills Integrated Pain Team

Annie Hopkins & Joy Althorpe

Clinical Psychologists

Professional Profile & Service Overview

Annie and Joy have many years of experience treating patients with chronic or persistent pain. Annie at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Pain Unit and Joy at the Flinders Medical Centre COPER program and in private practice in Adelaide.

Working with our experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists, Annie & Joy consult and treat people who are struggling with persistent or “chronic” pain, as well as the emotional difficulties that can accompany pain. The Hills Integrated Pain Team recognises that the best treatment for chronic pain addresses all parts of the pain experience. Each person’s pain is unique, and all pain is real.

Tim Bass

Consultant Physiotherapist

Professional Profile

Tim is the consultant physiotherapist to numerous local, state & national sporting teams.  He is also the head consultant physiotherapist for the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI).  He uses a multi-modal approach in the management of injuries, ensuring improved outcomes for patients.  His interests include sports injuries and multi-disciplinary chronic pain management for patients with complex issues.

Matthew Ash

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Professional Profile

Matthew attained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Uni SA in 2003. Since then he has gained extensive experience working within rehabilitation in NSW, with particular interest in orthopaedics, spinal surgery and chronic pain management.

He is a passionate therapist who combines a balance of manual therapy, education and individualised exercise prescription to empower his clients to achieve optimum recovery and long-term health outcomes.

Referral Process

For Health Professionals wishing to send a referral or seeking further information regarding the Hills Integrated Pain Team please contact myPhysioSA directly.

We encourage patients to be referred from their GP with both a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and an Enhanced Primary Care Plan before their initial assessment.


For further information regarding the Hills Integrated Pain Team please contact myPhysioSA directly.