Summit Health Mental Health & Counselling

Phone: 8406 7715
Fax: 8406 7760

The Summit Health Mental Health Team is comprised of experienced Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses and Mental Health Social Workers.

Service Overview

We provide arrange of services catering for individuals with either mild-moderate mental health issues to those with more enduring and complex issues. This includes those with a mental health diagnosis as well as those experiencing grief, loss, relationship breakdown or difficulties and other situational mental health issues.

Our programs are funded by either the federal government or state government enabling us to provide access to effective, ‘no cost’ treatment for people with mental health issues who may not otherwise be able to access services.

Most programs provide up to 6 to 12 appointments however some programs for those with more complex needs can provide longer term assistance.

Services are available for children, adolescents and adults. All programs offer individual sessions and some also provide opportunities for group therapy.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals must be deemed by their GP to be of low income and not in a financial position to access services requiring gap payments

Most services require the individual to reside within the Summit Health catchment area which extends north to Gumeracha, west to Stirling, East to Harrogate and South to Strathalbyn & Milang.

Please contact Summit Health Mental Health services for clarification of your geographic eligibility

Most services require a GP referral to the service

Individuals must satisfy program eligibility criteria for one or more of the programs offered by Summit Health Mental Health Services (Summit Health Mental Health services for clarification)

Service Exclusion Criteria

Individuals receiving services through other state or federally funded programs for the same health issue.

Individuals with acquired brain injury and/or significant neurological impairment.

Individuals with a current Workcover claim.

Individuals with compensation claims eg. victims of crime

Individuals who require court report for any legal issue.

Referral Process

A GP referral is required for all programs except the Suicide and Injury Prevention program and the youth mental health service, however a visit to your GP is highly recommended.

School principals and school counsellors as well as other health professionals can make provisional referrals to the child mental health/wellbeing  program that are then required to follow with a GP referral.

GPs should  complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan (Item 2715/2717 or 2700/2701) for the initial session package and fax to Summit Health on 8406 7760

No fees are charged for Summit Health mental health and counselling services

Other Information
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For more information or to make an appointment please contact the Summit Health Mental Health and counselling service directly: