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Andrea Sparrow

B. App. Sci. (Human Movement), M. Nut. Diet.

Professional Profile

Andrea is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian, Anthropometrist.

Andrea brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to her Dietetics and Exercise Physiology practice. Through the culmination of her work and life experiences, including 6 years of private practice, and 9.5 years of workplace health promotion, Andrea has developed particular interest helping clients in the following areas below:

Service Overview

Body Weight Loss and Gain

Clients desiring changes to body composition will benefit from Andrea’s expert advice. Patients at risk of chronic disease, post-natal mothers and athletes, as well as men and women experiencing menopause are amongst some of the clients that benefit from Andrea’s individualised evidence based strategies.

Chronic Conditions

Andrea can support clients wanting to prevent or manage chronic conditions through clinical nutrition and exercise therapy. These include Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Osteoporosis, Gout, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticular Disease, and Coeliac Disease.

Malnutrition and Nutrition Deficiencies

Andrea can assist clients with or at risk of malnutrition and nutrition deficiencies. This includes elderly patients, pregnant and lactating mothers, and vegan/vegetarians, as well as patients with eating disorders, and with underlying chronic disease.

Sports Nutrition

Andrea is passionate about helping athletes to achieve performance goals through evidence based sports nutrition practices. A Sports Dietitian is a Dietitian that specialises in the specific nutrition requirements of athletes, which can significantly vary between and within sporting disciplines and athletes. As an athlete, it is important to understand varying nutrition requirements, and how to plan and implement practices that will best support sports performance.

Service Eligibility

  • Children over 5 years
  • Adults

Referral Process

Health professionals wishing to refer to Andrea are encouraged to follow the steps outlined below :

  1. Complete this Patient Referral Template (PRT)
    Complete the PRT by filling in the tables. Save the PRT as a PDF, and save the file as the patient’s name and referral. E.g. JohnSmithReferral.pdf
  1. Fax or Email Patient Referral Template
    Fax the PRT and any additional documentation to 08 8312 3104.
    Alternatively, Email the PRT as an attachment to When emailing the PRT, please introduce the patient by copying in the patient’s email address.Andrea Sparrow will make an appointment with the patient. Andrea consults from Summit Health fortnightly on Thursdays. Andrea also consults from 224 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA.
  1. Additional Documentation
    Please provide the patient with any additional documentation necessary for their appointment, such as the Team Care Arrangement, GP Management Plan and blood test results.

Fees and Rebates

Initial 1 hour Review 30 minutes Short Review

20 minutes

Fee payable $125 $80 $52.95
Medicare Rebate $52.95 $52.95 $52.95
Patient Gap $72.05 $27.05 $0

Fees are due on the day of appointment, and a cancellation policy applies. Extras health insurance may also apply.

Further Information

For further information see their website.


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