Templates for Medical Director Software

GP Mental Health Treatment PLAN (Item 2715 2717)
GP Child Health Treatment PLAN (Item 2715 2717)

GP Mental Health Treatment REVIEW (Item 2712)
GP Child Health Treatment REVIEW (Item 2712)

Other Templates

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Importing Templates into Medical Director Software

Don’t double click on the attachment or link, this will open the template in word and remove the template fields. Right click on the attachment (or link) and ‘Save As’ to a location you can access. Once saved, access the template using an open patient record.

  1. Open Medical Director Program
  2. Select ‘Tools’ on toolbar
  3. Choose ‘Letter Writer’ from the drop down list
  4. Select ‘File’ from the menu
  5. Select ‘Modify Template’ from the drop down list
  6. In ‘Modify Form’ highlight ‘Blank Template’ and Open
  7. Select File from the menu
  8. Choose Import from drop down list
  9. Find the file in the location you saved it to (above), double click, select File then save as Template
  10. Highlight ‘Blank Template’
  11. In template name field type in an appropriate file name and click Save