Saving and Download Instructions

Importing Letter Writer Templates into Medical Director from an email attachment or from the web

Do not double click on the attachment or left click on the link – this will open the template in word and you will lose the MD fields that populate the template.

Right click on the attachment (or link) and then select Save As … (or Save Target As …) and save the file to a *location that you can access later.

  • Open MD
  • On the toolbar, select Tools
  • Choose Letter Writer from the drop down list
  • From the menu bar select File
  • From the drop down list select Modify Template
  • In Modify Form, highlight Blank Template and click Open
  • Select File from the Menu Bar
  • Select Import from drop down list
  • Find the file from the *location you saved to earlier, double click on it, select File then save as Template
  • Highlight Blank Template
  • In template name field type in an appropriate file name and click Save

** Once saved you can access the template with a patient record open in MD **