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Service Overview

General X-Ray Service

Dr Jones and Partners provide an on-site general x-ray service to patients of the Summit Health Centre on referral from a GP or medical specialist from the Summit Health Centre.

CT, Ultrasound, OPG or MRIs

These are not conducted on-site at the Summit Health Centre but are available at the hospital and Druids Ave clinics.

All imaging and reports will be available for access on Inteleviewer. Please contact Amy Sancilio on 0400 636 272 for assistance with this if required.


Information regarding referral procedures are available on the Dr Jones & Partners website –¬†Referral Information

General X-Ray

The Clinic within the Summit Health Centre is not permanently staffed. In order to request an x-ray please following the procedure below:

Monday- Friday: 8.30am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm

  1. GPcare staff member or medical specialist consulting within the Centre contacts radiographers on 8188 7746
  2. Patient waits in Summit Health Centre (SHC) patient waiting area until called by Dr Jones & Partners Radiographer who will escort them to the SHC clinic for the x-ray.

After Hours/Weekend/Public Holiday:

An on-call service is available for cases deemed urgent by the referring doctor. Examples of urgent cases include:

  • Acute symptoms or injury where the result of the imaging may alter the initial course of treatment of symptoms, or require transfer of the patient to a major hospital.
  • Paediatrics (unless chronic condition without worsening of symptoms)
  • Patients needing an immediate x-ray/diagnosis
  • Any moderate chest or abdominal symptoms
  • Inpatients with a change of status

Having determined the urgency of the cases, the on-call radiographer can be contacted on 0429 984 388.

CT, Ultrasound, OPG or MRI

Monday- Friday: 8.30am-5pm,
Saturday: 9am-12pm

  • Call 8188 7700 to make an appointment
  • Procedure/test will be conducted at either the hospital or Druids Ave clinic.

Other Information

For further information visit Dr Jones website.


For further information or bookings please contact Dr Jones & Partners directly on: